Food and the Seven Levels of Beauty


The seven levels of beauty can all be enhanced by appropriate food, somewhat different for each level. Part of the program will be a  cooking lesson/demonstration for 6 of the seven levels of beauty.

Each level will be discussed in depth: physical beauty, sensual beauty, emotional beauty, beauty of the mind, social beauty and, of course, spiritual beauty. And ways how to enhance each level beyond proper food nourishment will be covered.  Included will be some natural treatment preparations and, if it’s cold enough, sauna.

Everyone wants beauty in their life, in their surroundings, as well as in their bodies. Beauty is not restricted to women alone, so men are invited to participate, too.  

Part of beauty is laughter and joy, singing and dance, so join the celebration of your glorious, gorgeous self.

Kateřina Kyselová will teach the cooking  and prepare the meals. Bob Carr will lead the discussions.

When: October 13-15, 2017

Where: WONDER FULL LIFE CENTRE, Teplice nad Metují

Price: CZK 4000

A non-refundable deposit of CZK 500 is required with registration.

The price includes accommodation, treatments and 3 healthy meals  a day; bonus: sweet treats!

Information and registration:úrovní-krásy-d  



The  motto of the weekend: There is beauty everywhere, so let me radiate like the sun, shine like the stars, glow like an ember.

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