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Spiritual Practices Training Weekend



WHERE: WONDER FULL LIFE CENTRUM,  Adřspach (Teplice nad Metuji 549 57),  Horni Ulice 57

WHEN: November 24-26, 2017

COST: 3800 Kč for seminar, includes room and board.

Non-refundable deposit of 500 Kč required with registration.



WHAT:  We we will do: Meditation (many types), Chakras (stimulate and harmonize), Chants (from different cultures), Chewing ( some meals in silence), Shiatsu, Spiritual Healing Methods (Healing with sound, Palm Healing, Chakra Clearing and Healing, Image & Distance Healing, Group Energy “Trains”), Past Life Times and Future Visions, Establishing Order/Service (1/2 hour per day of helping with cleaning, food preparation, picking vegetables, etc). Also covered will be prana as food: examples are sunlight nourishment, energy from sex, earth and tree energy, etc.

EFFECT: When you do these ancient and modern spiritual practices, you raise and refine your vibratory rate, your consciousness expands, you see your vast self more clearly and immediately. Your body cleans itself as you give it a rest, peace, harmony. You feel how wonderful life is.

ACCOMMODATION:  The house has geothermal floor heating and clay walls, a sauna, natural bedding . Food will be vegan/macrobiotic, simple,well-balanced and organic, with recommended thorough chewing and  small portions for cleaning out. There will be time to explore the peaceful, natural surroundings. You can stay an extra day or two and explore/hike in  Adršpach, Ostaš and Teplice Skaly, which are only 5-8 km away.  Also, you can view the organic, biodynamic, permaculture, Fukuoka (Japanese) and Anastasia (Russian) agriculture fields on the property. Optional: you can stay a few extra days to explore famous Adršpach and Teplice rock hiking region. Adršpašské skály - Adršpašské skály



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