The historic news is that we have plowed five fields!

       The first field uses a Japanese method developed by Masanobu Fukuoka,  adapted to our situation/location. We will plant clover and scatter veggie seeds later    this Spring.

          The second field, for hokaido pumpkins, squash, cabbage and onions also got plowed.

          The third field  will have  biodynamic Spring wheat, millet, beans and vegetables.

          The fourth field will have organic  oats, buckwheat and vegetables

          The fifth field will be planted in a healing agriculturefrom an ancient Russian/Siberian method.

Additionally, a truck load of acacia wood for fence posts arrived. Yes, there is still lots to look forward to and build the barn and greenhouse that have yet to materialize....and some more tractor equipment. And a childrens playground, permaculture landscaping, the mini football field and the 1000 trees for a natural fence.

The other news is that we are starting programs and booking the center for affiliated programs, like macrobiotic cooking and permaculture. It is a vegetarian kitchen only.

It's a great start....more to come.

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