If we had a motto,

it might be

“Let Nature be our guide.”


Come see cutting edge natural agriculture: research, innovation, experimentation.

We are growing food with different methods to see what works best for our land, for our bodies.

There will be organic grains, beans, veggies and fruit.

There will be biodynamic agriculture, following precepts from Rudolf Steiner, along with lectures/classes/demonstrations.

We will have another method, called “Natural Agriculture” or Do Nothing Agriculture,” developed by Masanobu Fukuoka and spread through the world by his book One Straw Revolution. This style uses minimum or no plowing , weeding, fertilizing, …and even minimizes the need to replant seeds of certain domestic vegetables.

Another completely new approach in a Russian method presented by Vladimir Megre, as learned from a Siberian recluse called Anastasia. It can be called “Natural Specific Healing Agriculture,” because the veggies are grown specificly for your condition, tailored to your needs.

The overall development of these agriculture methods will embody Permaculture principles. And a whole section of our property will be left to Nature, let to go “wild,” to be a refuge from the monoculture agriculture in general use today.

We will be experimenting with growing rice in a more northern climate, using Hugelkkultur, bringing back indigenous trees and plants (so called “heirloom” varieties) to restore ecological balance. We look forward to seeing a greater variety of plants, animals, even more beneficial insects.

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